Public Works Projects Update

Concrete/asphalt repaving programs underway

The City's Concrete and Asphalt Pavement Repair Programs are currently underway in Taylor. If you are in a targeted area of the Good to Great Neighborhood Program (see information below), chances are that your street or the streets surrounding you will be repaired in some way. In addition, other roadwork is going on around the community. The City of Taylor always sends out informational letters to those in the immediate area preceding any construction work. For more information on our paving programs, on the following:

Concrete Pavement Repair letter

Asphalt Pavement Repair letter


Street sweeping

The City of Taylor’s spring street sweeping program has started and will continue through May.  The City sweeps all of its street twice annually, in the spring and fall.


April 14: Major roads

April 15: Northwest section (north of freeway, west of Beech)

April 16: Between Telegraph, Wick, Inkster and Goddard

April 19: South of freeway between Telegraph, Ecorse and Allen

April 20: Between Ecorse, Wick, Monroe and Telegraph

April 21: Between Pardee, Wick, Goddard and Allen & between Telegraph, Goddard, Pardee and Northline

April 22: South of Van Born between Telegraph and Beech & north of Ecorse, west of Beech

April 23: Between Telegraph, Beech, Goddard and Wick & between Beech, Inkster, Northline and Eureka

April 26: Between Mortenview, Ecorse, Wick and Allen

April 27: Between Mortenview, Pardee, Ecorse and Goddard

April 28: Between Telegraph, Goddard, Allen and Northline

April 29: West of Telegraph and north of Wick

April 30: Between Eureka, Pennsylvania, Telegraph and Beech


May 3: South of Eureka and east of Telegraph

May 4: East of Telegraph, between Ecorse and Goddard

May 5: East of Telegraph, between Northline and Eureka & west of Pardee, between Wick and Goddard

May 6: West of Telegraph, north of Wick

May 7: South of Eureka, west of Telegraph

May 10-14: Missed areas and areas of heavy need

May 17-21: Major roads

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Due to delays related to the worldwide pandemic, there are some adjustments to this Good to Great Neighborhood Program map (left) . During 2021, the City will be be finishing roadwork in Area 16 before restarting the full program in Area 20 (in the City's southwest corner). Before 2020 ended, Area No. 19 was expanded south of Ecorse Road, to Charles Street. With Area No. 20 scheduled to begin in Spring 2021, Areas 21, 22 and 23 in the center of the community will follow. 

G2G Neighborhood Program begins fourth year

The fourth year of the Good to Great Neighborhood Program will kick off in Spring 2021, in the southwest corner of the City.  

The Good to Great campaign targets a certain “neighborhoods” in the community for complete improvements – streets, sidewalks, tree trimming, signage, sewers, etc. Police representatives even take time to meet with the public in the targeted locations to exchange information in a relaxed setting. Often, the parks in certain locations are improved.

Good to Great areas:

Finished – 

Area No. 1: Goddard, Westlake, Beech Daly and Haig streets (including Papp Park)

Area No. 2: Pelham, Van Born, Monroe and the I-94 expressway

Area No. 3: Brest, Beech Daly, Cape Cod/Holland and Wick Road

Area No. 4: Pennsylvania, Allen, Jackson/I-75 and the Detroit-Toledo Railroad line

Area No. 5: Telegraph, Van Born, Monroe and the I-94 freeway

Area No .6: Van Born, Beverly, Beech Daly and Inkster

Area No. 7: Goddard, Pardee, Brest and Telegraph roads

Area No. 8: Beechwood Estates

Area No. 9: Fox Chase

Area No. 10: Labana Woods

Area No. 11: Meadow Woods Circle

Area No. 12: Woods of Pardee

Area No .13: Monroe Meadows

Area No. 14: Beech Daly, Ecorse, and the I-94 freeway

Area No. 15: Beech Daly, Van Born, Telegraph and I-94

Area No. 17: Telegraph, Beverly, Ecorse and Pardee

Area No. 18: Telegraph, Ecorse, Troy and Beverly

Area No. 19: Ecorse, Beech Daly, Newcastle and Cherokee

Starting or finishing 2021 – 

Area No. 16: Allen, Ecorse, Monroe and the Wabash Railroad line

Area No. 20: Beech Daly, Inkster, Pennsylvania and Eureka

Area No. 21: Wick, Ecorse, Beech Daly and Telegraph

Area No. 22: Wick, Ecorse, Telegraph and Monroe

Area No. 23: Wick, Ecorse, Monroe and Pelham


Goddard-Pardee phasing plan (above)

This year’s Phase 1 portion of the project will include repaving Pardee Road from Superior to Goddard, and Goddard Road from Pardee to Allen. Next year during Phase 2 of the project, Pardee Road will be repaved from Goddard to Beverly Street (north of Ecorse Road), and Goddard Road will be repaved from Inkster to Beech Daly. When both phases are finished, all of Goddard, from Inkster to Allen, and all of Pardee, from Eureka to Beverly, will be newly paved. (Last summer, the City used a concrete panel program, funded through the Tax Increment Finance Authority, to reconstruct Pardee between Eureka and Superior. Over the last three summers, it has also repaved Goddard from Beech to Pardee, during two separate projects.) In addition to repaving the roads, the project will include three modernized traffic mast arms, all on Pardee Road (at Superior, Heritage Park and Kinyon).

Ecorse Road and intersections

Wayne County’s largest project in Taylor will repave Ecorse Road between just east of Monroe, to just west of Pardee. It will cost approximately $1.3M. Ecorse is a county maintained road, and has been in serious need of improvements. This stretch of the road serves Kroger and Taylortown Trade Center, two high-traffic areas. In addition, as county and City road projects converge, by the end of 2022, Pardee will be completely repaved, connecting to the newly paved Ecorse section, which connects to Monroe Street, which was recently repaved from Ecorse to approximately Trolley East Industrial Drive.

Also expected to be done this year after being delayed last year are the signal modernizations and additions of left turn phasing at Ecorse and Pelham, and Van Born and Beech Daly. The projected total costs of those two intersection projects is approximately $400,000.

Eureka Road Corridor Project

The joint City of Taylor-Taylor Tax Increment Finance Authority-Wayne County $17M Eureka Road Corridor Project kicks off in earnest this spring. Phase 1 construction will begin the state-of-the-art “Gateway” signage at the intersection of Telegraph and Eureka and in the median west of Allen Road, near the Canadian National Railroad viaduct. At Telegraph, the unique signage will be on both the north and south sides of the median. 

The main impetus of the huge project – enclosing the Frank & Poet Drain, which runs along Eureka Road from just east of Telegraph through the Southland Center property and into Southgate – will likely begin in 2022. The open drain offers eyesore, safety and flood-control problems. TIFA and the country will split the cost of the project. 

 The Eureka Road Corridor Improvement Plan will not only enhance the City’s main business and entertainment district, but mesh well with the new Fletcher Discovery Trail. The trail for non-motorized traffic connects the Midtown Goddard district to Heritage Park, Wayne County Community College District’s Downriver Campus, the new park being created near Pardee and Superior, and finally the Eureka Road and Telegraph Road areas.