Childcare While You Work Out

Available for children two years and older, whose parents are working out in the facility, the new Taylor Recreation Center (TRC) childcare area features age-appropriate toys and play structures. Our staff will interact with your children and lead them in things like circle time, arts and crafts, story time, and other activities, including sports.

Please take note that this is a childcare program, not a full daycare. It will only be available for TRC members who plan to remain in the facility while their child is in the childcare area.


Member rates are $100 per year or $10 per month for up to two children from the same household; $20 extra per year or $2 extra per month for additional children.

For parents or guardians who are renting courts or attending fitness classes, but are not members of the TRC, the fee is $5 per hour (with a one-hour minimum).

All fees must be paid prior to the child entering the childcare area.


For more information, stop in anytime and inquire at the front desk, or call 734-374-8900.