Good to Great Neighborhoods

Community - Good to Great Neighborhood

"The hazard on my street (overgrown trees, weeds, and bushes) had created a blind spot where I personally have almost been hit 3 times and my teenage driver once.

Within a WEEK there were crews out cutting everything back. I couldn’t believe how fast and efficient the work was done". - Christine Huffman, Taylor resident.

We are excited to announce the Good to Great Neighborhood Improvement Plan to all of our residents and neighbors. This program is a combined effort between those that call Taylor "home" along with almost every city department to beautify and refine our twenty four square miles. Separated into quadrants, each neighborhood area will begin to see city workers and volunteers dedicate themselves to a variety of projects that will make a huge difference. Small improvements such as tree trimmings to large ventures such as bridge inspections and jetting sewers, our aim is to better the quality of life for everyone between our borders with projects such as these.

The Good to Great Program aims to polish areas such as parks, roads, signs, trees, utilities, sanitation needs, neighborhood businesses, and public safety. New things that residents may notice is the reintroduced Cop On a Corner endeavor to enable locals to get to know and communicate with our serving officers. Prudently, "our police department will work in lockstep with this campaign, and we will establish lines of communication that will not only help immediately but in the future" (Mayor Sollars, 2018).

We are a city built for families in their beginning stages of growth to the more leisurely years brimming with memories. Our dedicated teamwork in creating a great city for families of all kinds is constant and that is why Taylor is Made for You.

Parks - Signage - LED Lighting - Fire Hydrant Flushing - Debris Removal - Street Sweeping - Tree Planting