Taylor on Watch

About the Program

Taylor on Watch is an educational program that focuses on crime prevention and teaches residents and businesses how to make it more difficult to become the victim of crime.

Blocks and neighborhoods who want to become more invested in their immediate community can learn crime prevention and security tips via Taylor on Watch meetings. Small groups of neighborhoods can join together and learn what to watch for to protect their families and their neighborhoods.


Police Chief Mary Sclabassi started the program with four regional meetings that served as a great introduction to the program. This year, more in-depth anti-crime education is scheduled
Tayolor on Watch Flyer

About Crime Prevention Programs

Crime prevention programs like these are a priority of both Chief Sclabassi and Mayor Rick Sollars. "We can all sit down, hear about best practices when it comes to neighborhood safety efforts, and also share concerns about specific parts of our city," Mayor Sollars said about the program.

Police Chief Mary Sclabassi agreed. "The police cannot be everywhere, all the time," she said. "We need eyes and ears in the community. We are constantly aided by what concerned residents see and hear. And, given the proper education in what to look for, they can make their own neighborhoods safer. It's all a learning process."

Additional Information

For more information, contact the Taylor Police Department at 734-374-1444.